From group retreats to company seminars and corporate events, Ciudad Christhia Resort 9 Waves offers spacious and fully equipped conference rooms and function rooms conducive for discussions and training activities.

Our eleven (11) air-conditioned conference rooms are well appointed with complete audio visual equipment that includes an over-head projector with screen, DVD player, TV monitor, whiteboard, and sound system. Our affordable packages will surely meet your needs.

  Yakal Hall   Ifugao Hall   Acacia Hall
9 Waves Narra Hall 9 Waves Ifugao Hall 9 Waves Acacia Hall
  • 30-40 person capacity
  • L- 15.75m W-5.79m
  • 50-70 person capacity
  • L- 13.25m W-12.91m
  • 50-70 person capacity
  • L- 21.59m W- 5.70m
  Badjao Hall   Mahogany Hall   Eucalyptus Hall
9 Waves Badjao Hall 9 Waves mahogany Hall 9 Waves Eucalyptus Hall
  • 80-150 person capacity
  • L- 17.01m W- 16.20m
  • 80-120 person capacity
  • L 21.77m W-11.86m
  • 100-175 person capacity
  • L- 20.72m W-8.17m


The Pergola Hall