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Nestled peacefully outside the metropolis, Ciudad Christhia Resort 9 Waves

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Swimming Pools Conference Room Team Building Accommodation
pergola hall conference room Team Building Facilities Accomodation Room
It's all about great water fun at Ciudad Christhia Resort 9 Waves, there's a lot to go around with our three refreshing swimming pools. Each pool has unique features your family and friends are sure to enjoy.

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From group retreats to company seminars and corporate events, Ciudad Christhia Resort (9 Waves) offers spacious and fully equipped conference rooms and function rooms conducive for discussions and training activities.

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Ciudad Christhia Resort is a suitable location for assemblies of all kinds. Our comprehensive list of facilities caters to any group for any function including retreats, seminars, camping trips, and team buildings.

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In addition to our recreational facilities, we also provide spacious and comfortable accommodations, making it an ideal choice for group outings, family excursions, and company teambuilding.

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The Pergola Hall