• Earth St. Carrieland Country Homes II, Ampid San Mateo, Rizal PH
  • 8997-5945, 8997-5946, 8997-6009



Resort Location

Ciudad Christhia Resort is located at the heart of Ampid San Mateo Rizal, Philippines.
San Mateo is found along the western border of the Rizal Province, it is bordered on the west by Quezon City, to the south by Marikina City and Antipolo City and to the south by Rodriguez Montalban Rizal. It is approximately 24 kilometers away from Manila and 11 kilometers south of Pasig City.

How to get here:

From Quezon Memorial Circle, go Northeast via Commonwealth Ave., pass Ever Commonwealth Dept. Store. Turn right before Sandiganbayan, right again to Batasan- San Mateo Bridge. Cross- over the bridge then turn left to San Mateo proper. Upon approaching Mercury Drug turn left to Carrieland Country Homes.

From Cubao, take Aurora Blvd. down to Barangka Marikina turn left after Marikina bridge to J.P. Rizal. Drive straight until reaching San Mateo Rizal, turn left to Carrieland Country Homes (almost Across Mercury Drug)