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Welcome to9 Waves

Ciudad Christhia Resort started its operations on December 11, 1990 with a swimming pool, several pavilions, a picnic area, and two all-around personnel. Soon after, the company began its expansion with the construction of more structures to showcase the resort’s bright potential and provide its community with an outstanding recreational facility. Today, the resort includes its renowned 9 waves swimming pool, a children and adult’s swimming pools, a double-loop water slide, café and restaurant, merchandise shop, events halls, conference rooms, room accommodations, an organic farm, wall climbing and teambuilding facilities, and an activity center. From its humble beginnings of 0.7 hectares, and now at 4.4 hectares, the resort continues to grow, providing leisure and relaxation right at the heart of Ampid, San Mateo, Rizal.

It is the goal of Ciudad Christhia Resort’s committed team, composed of the management and their professional staff, to uphold the values of the resort with dedication, cooperation, excellence and loyalty, thereby providing the public with a healthy and enjoyable environment with the resort’s continuous progress.